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The rear of the house faced south onto an angled garden. The clients were intent on enjoying the evening sun from the west, and so angling out the glazed extension achieved this whilst addressing the garden full square. A double height glazed element ensured that the sunlight penetrated deep into the room and provided an airy dining area. The space is warmed by solar gain, the heat is stored by the insulated high-mass floor, and warm air is convected through the open landing to the rooms above. Heating costs have fallen since the work was done. The ‘family room’, whilst one space, divides naturally into sitting, dining, kitchen, and play areas. A floor level eaves window in the converted loft space gives the impression of a floating roof, and dispels the cramped feeling so often experienced with loft conversions. Simple roof-lights give the surprise bonus of a previously hidden view of the Sugarloaf.