When it comes to planning a house extension, renovation or complete build and making the necessary arrangements with builders, plumbers, electricians and other workmen, the client needs to know that their home will be taken care of. Simon Hoe Architects Dublin will look after all the necessary requirements from Planning Permission & Building Regulations and Surveys to Grants and other particulars.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), if you have additional queries; request a Callback or fill in our contact form. Here at Simon Hoe Architects Dublin, we are always here to help and aim to make your building project as straightforward as possible.


1. Do we need planning permission for the work we have in mind?

Essentially, it needs to be no more than 40 sq.M in area, Any first floor of a semi detached house to be no more than 12 sq.M., all previous extensions to be included in this figure. There are many conditions, please click here for an extensive list of these conditions as itemized in S.I. No. 600 of  PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS 2001, SCHEDULE 2, Part 1 Exempted Development – General.


2. Are you interested in taking on the kind of work we have in mind?

I rarely turn down work. We find that variety keeps us well informed and up to date with constantly changing legislation and proceedures.


3. We have never done an extension or worked with an architect before, how should we proceed?

We should meet at your house, discuss your requirements, I can let you know about the opportunities and difficulties that the proposed project presents from practicality, planning and cost point of view. Then I’ll write you a letter outlining your requirements, proposing a fee for each stage of the job, and describing what is done at each stage. Once you get the letter, we can talk again and you can decide whether to proceed or not.


4. Can you give us a scheme before we commit?

I can do a brief survey and a sketch scheme based on our initial thoughts. We can get a builder to put a budget pricing on it.  I would charge in the order of €100 including VAT depending on the size of the project.


5. Will you be able to make recommendations in relation to the environmental performance of the building?

Yes, we consider that a crucial part of the job. To achieve a building that performs well for you is much more than just insulation, a new boiler and triple glazing. Click to view our Brief Introduction to Sustainable Design.


6. Do you think our ideas make sense?

I try to answer this clearly at an early stage. Whilst the great majority of ideas make perfect sense, one is sometimes mislead by marketing. Bathroom and kitchen showrooms are deceptively big. If the kitchen simply is not big enough for an island unit, this needs to be identified at an early stage, and then a way through can be found without leading to surprises later.


7. Do you maintain a list of reliable builders?

We do, some leave this list and new names join it. We are also happy to include a client’s suggestion as long as we can follow up references.


8. Do you look after job during construction?

We certainly do. We make regular site visits to ensure the works are properly carried out, that costs are monitored and all necessary certificates are issued on completion. We will maintain a continuous check on progress. The builder knows he will only be paid when the architect has certified the work. We do this bi-weekly, and you only pay for work carried out up to that point. On completion, we retain 4% of the contract figure, to be paid one year later when any defects have been dealt with.


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