Simon Hoe of Simon Hoe Architects Dublin - Design for LightThe important thing in choosing an architect is finding one who can listen to the client’s original idea, and be prepared to take trouble to understand their particular requirements and preferences. Your architect should be able to advise on the legalities, such as planning issues, and cope with the technicalities, such as Building Regulations. Most important is to identify opportunities offered by the site, overcome restrictions imposed by regulations or site conditions, and be able to develop and build that original idea.

Architecture should be the resolution of frustrations, and the development of dreams into reality.

Once the design is agreed and planning permission is obtained, comprehensive working drawings need to be developed to ensure inclusive and competitive tendering for the project by carefully selected builders. Regular site visits are required to ensure quality control and the monitoring of monthly costs. On hand-over, Certificates of Opinion on Compliance with Planning Permission and Building Regulations are necessary. All projects need to be followed up to ensure the correction of any defects arising after completion.

I have been in practice since 1980, working on both residential and commercial projects, large and small. Discussing new schemes is always exciting, and a broad range of work sharpens the eye for opportunities and solutions. My intention is to maintain a small practice, with personal responsibility for every job, to be soundly constructed, and delightful to occupy.

All enquiries are welcome, such as:

  • New Build and Conversion projects.Simon Hoe Architects Dublin - Architectural Designing for Light

  • Feasibility Studies.

  • Expert Witness Representations.

  • Building Condition reports.

  • Certificates of Architects Opinion on Compliance.

  • One hour consultations on practicality, costs, opportunities and risk avoidance. €250.00 + VAT

  • We can meet with you at our office for a one hour consultation. Bring photos and a drawing if possible, and we can discuss issues of design, planning, building regulations and costs. We do this for €120 including VAT. Arrange a meeting by phone or email.


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